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FREDERICK COUNTY, Md. – In Maryland, a new documentary is in the works to help raise awareness about the young lives that are being claimed by opioid and heroin addiction in the Frederick County Maryland area.

“There’s so much stigma, and there’s much discrimination against our children who are suffering with the disease of addiction,” Said President and Co- Founder of the Frederick County Chapter for the Maryland Heroin Awareness Advocates, Carin  Miller.

This is a response to the opioid and heroin addiction death toll that continues to grow not only throughout the country, but in the Frederick County Maryland area as well.

“In western Maryland we had five deaths since the Friday before last,” said Miller.

Miller has experienced opioid and heroin addiction first hand with not only her husband, but also with her son. She believes that awareness through education is key, and that’s why she’s honored to be apart of a new documentary that will touch on how this issue has impacted the area.

“For us to be offered this opportunity to be apart of this film with Conrad…it’s so important that we get the word out to our community members that our children are sick,” added Miller.

“The documentary that I’m producing is called “Heroin’s Grip,” and it’s a story about the addiction issue with heroin and opioids here in Frederick County as we all know it’s a nationwide problem, and we’re going to dive deep here into the county,” said Executive Producer, and Director with Conjo Studios, Conrad Weaver.

By diving deep, documentary Director, Conrad Weaver means speaking with those who have experienced the growing issue first hand.

“We’re working with law enforcement, we’re working with the court system…we’re working with health care workers, and mental health associations and workers, as well as current addicts,” added Weaver.

Weaver says the film is expected to be completed by September, and they hope to have it featured in several major film festivals around the country.

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