February 27 Press Release

Press Release
February 27, 2017

Frederick Film Maker Launches Documentary on Heroin Crisis

Frederick, MD –  The story of Frederick County’s heroin crisis will soon be shown on the big screen in a documentary film being produced by Emmitsburg, MD film maker, Conrad Weaver.  “The heroin and opioid epidemic has devastated hundreds of families, individuals, and businesses all across our county.  We see it in the news nearly every day and it’s easy to think that it’s someone else’s problem. We think that it’s a Frederick or Baltimore issue. It’s not! It’s in our neighborhoods. My neighborhood. My small town. It’s our community’s problem, and we must work together to solve it.  I couldn’t simply stand by and watch, I had to get involved. That’s why I’m making this film,” says Weaver.

The film is being called Heroin’s Grip and will tell the story from a variety of angles. Weaver intends to interview current addicts, healthcare and mental health workers, officials from the law enforcement community, as well as families whose lives have been shattered by heroin and opioid addiction.

“We need more documentary films like this so that you become a part of the solution,”  says Charlie Smith, State’s Attorney in Frederick. Smith was interviewed for the film to include his perspective on the epidemic.

Filming began in early February and will continue through the spring months. Weaver hopes to complete production by early September in order to submit the project to a number of major film festivals around the country.  He plans on releasing a DVD version along with educational materials related to the film some time in 2018.

Weaver is not working on this alone. He’s recruited Caressa Flannery,  a Frederick entrepreneur and mother of a heroin addict who’s in recovery. Together, they have partnered with the Maryland Heroin Awareness Advocates who will help manage the fund-raising efforts for the film.

Weaver is launching a Crowdfunding campaign on IndieGoGo to raise money for the production of the film. Interested donors should visit the film’s web site at www.HeroinsGrip.com for more information.

Weaver is an award-winning film maker. Most recently he received a Mid-America Regional EMMY© Award for his 2014 documentary, the Great American Wheat Harvest.

Conrad Weaver, Executive Producer/Director
Phone: 301-606-7794
Email: conrad@conjostudios.com
Twitter: @HeroinsGrip