Producer – Caressa Flannery

Caressa Flannery is a native of Frederick, MD and an entrepreneur and PR/Marketing Professional in the area. She is also the mother of a son who has battled the disease of addiction for more than 8 years, starting with marijuana and leading to Percocets and then heroin. He was incarcerated twice; the last time for 16 months. He is now 2 years into Recovery, doing well and helping others.

Her son has had numerous friends die from heroin overdoses the past several years. And Caressa has seen many friends bury their own children. After being fed up with the chaos, she spoke out two years ago, hoping to shed some light on this disease and unwittingly became a voice in the area for drug addiction. Bringing it to the forefront has helped people realize the disease doesn’t discriminate and that it’s ok to talk about it. Now through advocacy, she’s helping other families to speak up and speak out instead of suffering in silence.

Caressa believes that through education, awareness, and better resources, we can shine a bright light on this epidemic and this documentary achieves that endeavor.