About the Film

Heroin’s Grip is a documentary film in production that will tell the story of the heroin epidemic in the Maryland, focusing in on Frederick County.  We are interviewing current addicts, healthcare and mental health workers, officials from the law enforcement community, as well as families whose lives have been shattered by heroin and opioid addiction. We want the community to help tell this story in order to get a better understanding of the impact it’s having in our region.  Our goal is to produce a film that will be seen world-wide, and be used as a teaching tool to rally the community to help solve this epidemic!

The heroin problem in the United States has reached epidemic proportions, and the issue has been addressed in a variety of films and news stories, but these broad-scoped stories at times belie the reality of what’s happening to individuals and families right here in our local community.

“The heroin and opioid epidemic has devastated hundreds of families, individuals, and businesses all across our county.  We see it in the news nearly every day and it’s easy to think that it’s someone else’s problem. We think that it’s a Frederick or Baltimore issue. It’s not! It’s in our neighborhoods. My neighborhood. My small town. It’s our community’s problem, and we must work together to solve it.  I couldn’t simply stand by and watch, I had to get involved. That’s why I’m making this film,” – Conrad Weaver

Filming began in early February, 2017 and will continue through the spring months. We hope to complete production by early September in order to submit the project to a number of major film festivals around the country.  We also plan on releasing a DVD version along with educational materials related to the film some time in 2018. We feel it’s important to provide a resource for teachers, healthcare workers, mental health clinics, and others to be able to share the story and educate the public about this epidemic.